Week One Takeaways

1. Sanford Stadium looked gorgeous in that late afternoon light. 

This is what it is all about.

Photo: UGA Football Instagram

Photo: UGA Football Instagram

2. The only way Jacob Eason returns as UGA's QB-1 is if our season goes off the rails.

Eason is out 4-6 weeks. By that time Fromm should have beaten App State, Notre Dame (on the road), Samford, and Mississippi State. Fromm is likely coming off a road loss at Tennessee heading into Homecoming when Eason is ready to go again. How can you pull him at that point? The only way Eason gets his job back is if UGA loses two of these three games: Notre Dame, Mississippi State, and Tennessee. If that happens, we are in for another l o n g  season anyway.

And - one more note - have you ever seen UGA fans so ready to turn on a guy as they have with Eason? I suspect the fact that Fromm is a Georgia kid has something to do with it (and that Eason-led offenses made mistakes leading to Tech and Vandy losses), but it's amazing how fast everyone has moved on from the one-time hope for Georgia Football.

3. Kirby Smart is Alabama-fying the UGA run game. 

Saturday's run game started off slow, but App. State was sick and tired of having to deal with Chubb and Michel by the mid-3rd quarter. By the 4th they clearly had no interest in being in Athens any longer.

This has been Alabama's M.O. for 10 years now: MAKE. THEIR. ASS. QUIT. UGA hasn't done this in years. (Hello Nicholls, Vandy, Tech, Ga Southern) Even if it was just App State, it sure was nice to see the Dawgs make another team quit Saturday.

4. Remember when Texas beat ND last year everyone thought they were "back"?

Let's not fall for that same BS after the Dawgs tear up the Irish this week. Notre Dame is a great program with a ton of tradition, but they totally suck. They were 4-8 last year and there is no excuse for the Dawgs to lose Saturday. Let's not go crazy when they win this game. Now if UGA gets out of Knoxville undefeated, then we can start getting weird. 

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