Junior League Dropout: Save the Jerseys for the Players (and Undergrads)

Fair warning: If you are wearing an oversized jersey and cut off jean shorts to Athens, this column is not for you.

My “editor” asked me to write an article on “what to wear” for gameday (thanks for the

Here’s the thing, I am no fashionista. Right now, I am wearing a $10 top with
$300 shoes. However, I do feel like I am mean and judge-ey enough to weigh in on what not to wear.

Let me set the scene for you, I am sitting at the bar at ladies night at my club writing this. I’ll have the rose. Okay, no Vodka soda with lime. Fine, both. And a salad (dressing on the side…obviously). The women around me are wearing pastel ponchos with their white jeans and trendy oversized
statement necklaces.

My suggested look for any gameday, would be to wear something that you could seamlessly go
to a ladies night without looking totally out of place. - AKA not an oversized jersey with cut off
jean shorts. Don’t even think about horrible cowboy boots.

#Flashback to my first UGA game as a college student, I wore a strapless dress, peep toe
heels, and pearls…(insert girl slapping her forehead emoji). So yes, I have always been this fashion
forward and trendy.

The problem with being an alumni is gameday isn’t for you. It’s for college girls. And you are not
a college girl anymore. This is a good thing. Make the transition without being pathetic.

I'm the first to admit I struggled with the transition: Example A: I volunteered to help with rush the year after I graduated….wow. too soon is all I can say.

I remember the younger girls with their sweet smiles and cynical eyes saying, “oh no. did you not
get a job? Did you not graduate?”

Harsh. North Milledge at it’s finest.

So when you go into your closet, whether you are headed to an Atlanta game viewing party or
Athens for the game, try to wear something that is comfortable but not too comfortable.

You do not need to wear tennis shoes. You are not playing in the game. Unless you have a note
from your doctor, wear cute flats at least. (Confession - I wore tennis shoes to a game last year.
It was the least cute I have ever felt.)

Wear a top - not a t-shirt. I get it. You are thinking about floating into the alumni pool of mom’s in
oversized t-shirts and high waisted jeans (I still don’t think these are cute regardless of the
recent trend - unless you are a 00, step away from the high waisted jeans).

So here’s what I am thinking: do a fitted blouse with great jewelry. Don’t be matchy-matchy. You don’t need to wear red shoes, a red purse, and red earrings to love Georgia.

Ask yourself: "would I wear this adorable outfit to drinks out with my hubs or to ladies night on a random night?" If no, then it’s too much girlfriend.

Your bottoms are the most important piece of your outfit. So I am great with a cute pair of jeans
on gameday - if you can pull it off confidently, I actually prefer this look for alumni women. If a
skirt is on your heart - rock it girl but if it wouldn’t pass in a public high school - it’s too short.
Sorry, you’re too old. I typically rock black jeans.

Be cautious of your Gameday dress selection. You are too old for a romper - stop. If you see 3
or more college girls wearing your same dress - you are dressed too young.

Now, if it is a cute dress that you would wear to another occasion - perhaps a baby shower or a trunk show - excellent, you are wearing a gameday dress which is good for the alumni soul.

In summary, be cute but classic. Try harder than you would have when you were 20 years old -
you have to now whether you want to accept it or not. And if you could not and would not wear it to a social event in the city, it’s not appropriate.

Love ya, mean it. Go Dawgs. Did I tell y’all I”m going to Chicago to see Hamilton next week?