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Knoxville is one of the easiest and most scenic drives for Georgia fans. It's 3 hours each way through the Smokey Mountains - and for an aggressive traveler, this year's 3:30 p.m. kickoff during daylight savings time allows for a Dawg to go up and back on the same day Navy SEAL style.

Poor Man's caught up with Campbell Wallace, a DGD and Knoxville native, for advice on what to get into when following the Dawgs to Knoxville. 

PMGN: Give us an overview of why Knoxville is a worthy roadtrip for Georgia fans.

Campbell: Growing up in Knoxville and graduating from UGA, I can tell you it is a great city and has had a lot of recent growth that make it feel like a much cleaner Asheville. It's not Athens, Oxford or Baton Rouge but I think it is a must roadtrip for an any avid Dawg fan.  

PMGN: Where to tailgate?

Tailgating at Circle Park

Tailgating at Circle Park


1. The Tennessee River - The famed Vol Navy stretches for several hundred yards and many boats deep around Calhoun's on the River right across the street from Neyland Stadium. People will almost always invite strangers onto their boats. Even if not, it's a cool experience to cross off the SEC bucket list just by walking on the docks. 

If you brave bringing a boat up I-75, Cherokee Boulevard is a great place to put in and venture right up the Tennessee River to cruise by downtown and dock before the game with the rest of the Vol Navy. Located in the nearby Sequoyah Hills neighborhood. 

2. Circle Park  - An iconic spot on campus next to the "Torch Bearer" statue. Pretty similar to the tents next to Auburn that are reserved for the high donors and are set up by a company. 

3. Church Street United Methodist - I know, strange suggestion, but it only costs between $20-$40 and is super close to the stadium and prime time for away fans to stake out their own tailgate spot. 

PMGN: Where to have a big dinner to celebrate a Dawgs win?


Balter Beerworks - On the edge of downtown, a great spot to grab a meal and some local beer. Great lively atmosphere with awesome outdoor seating. Owned by a fellow West High (Go Rebs) grad. The tacos are my favorite thing to get. 

Litton's  - About a 15 minute drive from downtown, but worth it because it remains the best burger I've ever had in my life. A old family-owned restaurant that has it's roots back in the 1940's. 

Emilia - More upscale Italian food right on Market Square. One of the highest rated new restaurants in the city. 

Cafe 4 - Great American food right in Market Square. Their Lobster Macaroni is phenomenal. 

Copper Cellar - Another Knoxville favorite on the famed and not so highly thought of "Strip" in the heart of campus. Great bar food and amazing steaks. 

Stock and Barrel - The only recent challenger to Litton's famed burger. Stock and Barrel is right on Market Square and has unbelievable burgers and food. 

Tomato Head - A downtown staple that is also right on Market Square. Great pizza with some healthier options if that's what you're looking for. 

JC Holdway - Not far off Market Square. Classic meat and three meets farm to table menu with a southern flair. On the more expensive side, but does take reservations and has a great modern, yet rustic vibe. 

PMGN: Where are we drinking Friday night?

Jig and Reel.

Jig and Reel.


Casual Pint - Some of the best/widest beer selections in town, as well as a cool environment located right off of Market Square. 

Jig and Reel  - Located in the Old City, this Scottish bar is one of the most unique/cool environments I've ever been to. Great drinks and they usually have a Scottish band playing on most weekend nights. 

Oliver Hotel Bar - Closest thing in Knoxville to a speakeasy. Potentially the best mixed drinks and atmosphere in town. Right off of Market Square. 

Bearden Beer Market - Super casual place right off Kingston Pike in Sequoyah that has great draft beer and awesome outdoor seating with cornhole and other games. My favorite place to take out of town guests the night before a game. 

Preservation Pub  - If you're looking for a spot to catch a few local bands, it ain't the Georgia Theatre, but they normally have some great music. Also have a rooftop bar on clear nights, also....not as cool as the Theatre. 

Bistro at the Bijou  - Nicer bar attached to the historic Bijou Theatre right on Gay Street. Great drinks and atmosphere. 

PMGN: Where to get outside/see some mountains on Sunday? 

Cades Cove.

Cades Cove.


Cades Cove -  A really pretty 11 mile drivebable loop in the Smokies that probably gives you the most efficient least physically exerting experience of the mountains. Be sure to stop at some of the historic homes along the loop. 

Clingmans Dome - Highest point in Tennessee, and a super easy hike from the parking lot. Great view and easy great for kids too. 

Chimney Tops Trail (closed) - I say this strictly so that you won't make the same mistake I did and venture up to the trail-head not knowing it is permanently closed because of damage done by the recent wildfires that ravaged Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas. 

Abrams Falls - Great hike with an amazing waterfall at the end. 

Alum Cave - Moderate hike with trail that goes through some really cool rock formations and has some decent views along the way. 

Thanks Campbell!

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