Bulldawg Voices: Preseason Expectations

Before each issue of the Poor Man's Game Notes, we reach out to some readers to get their point of view on a relevant question of the day.

This issue's question is pretty straightforward: 

What do you expect from the 2017 Georgia Football Season?

Seth Emerson: Sportswriter (Athens)

Every year, seemingly, I go in expecting Georgia football to go either 9-3 or 10-2, winning one game it shouldn't and losing one game it definitely shouldn't. Do I feel differently this year? Hard to say. The roster has the typical strengths and the typical one or two big question marks. But now we also still have the uncertainty of how good a head coach Kirby Smart will be, and how good a coaching staff he has. So ultimately if you put a gun to my head I say once again a nine or 10 win team.

Ben Prevost: Lawyer (Atlanta)

Expect sky-high expectations and brilliantly disappointing results.  It's a Georgia tradition.

Alan West: Lobbyist (Atlanta)

We win 3 championship games in Atlanta!  Well, that what I hope for.  My expectations? Three words: Outback Bowl Champions.