The Saturday Sartorialist: Leaving Licensed Logos Behind

Sitting at the Georgia - Georgia Tech basketball game at Tech in December made for some great people watching. Your rank-and-file Tech people were there, alongside some die-hard Dawg fans who braved showing their face in public fresh off Thanksgiving weekend's unpleasantries. Also there was a big contingent of UGA Athletics staffers and heavy-hitting Atlanta donors.

The untrained eye could probably tell who the UGA power players were by their clothes alone. They were the guys not wearing ridiculous-looking UGA branded apparel. Watching the UGA senior staff and development officers flock to the guys wearing red cashmere sweaters or club logo 1/2 zips was entertaining. 

A recent trip to the UGA bookstore confirmed my thought from December - A lot of the stuff UGA is licensing now-a-days looks like something sold by a minor-league baseball team. The silly patterns, the multiple logos, etc. make this stuff look ridiculous.

That is not to say you can't do licensed logos right. Onward Reserve and Peter Millar have it figured out. Check out the Poor Man's Guide below. 

The best thing about these items is that you can wear them to a UGA event and everyone knows who you are pulling for. At the same time, you can wear them around town on non-game days and not be dressed like an Alabama fan in a brighter shade of red. 

Dress like the benefactor, not the beggar.

1. 3-Ply Cashmere V-Neck Sweater, Brooks Brothers

2. "Paint it Black" Players Shirt, Criquet

3. Bushwood CC Hat, Smathers and Branson

4. Georgia Theatre T-Shirt

5. Mendoza Belt, La Matera

A & B: Peter Millar UGA Collection

C & D: Onward Reserve UGA Collection