More Of This: Food Scholarships at UGA.

Georgia people have been given plenty of topics to be grumbling about over the past 18 months, no doubt. And don't you worry, your Poor Man is not afraid to grumble. 

BUT - there are some really cool things happening at UGA that you may not have heard about. When these things come around we will profile them with a "More of This" post. (with apologies and due credit to Poor Man's Fan Terry Combahee.)

So - to get started, lets talk about the "Let All The Big Dawgs Eat" Scholarship.

The new Bolton Dining Commons at UGA

The new Bolton Dining Commons at UGA


From fellow Poor Man Bob Watts -

Hundreds of UGA students struggle to afford adequate nutrition and are faced with the overwhelming decision of paying for books and supplies or their next meal.

UGA established the Let All The Big Dawgs Eat Scholarship in 2015, funded through private donations, to end the problem of student food insecurity on our own campus. A gift of just $110 will feed one student three meals per day for an entire week.

Over 275 students applied for the scholarship, funded through private donations, when it began in 2015, and 93 scholarships have been awarded since then.

This is a really great way to "pay it forward" to the next generation of UGA grads.

So - here is a call to arms. I humbly ask you to join me and donate $15 to the "Let All The Big Dawgs Eat" Scholarship.

Just click here to give back!

Go Dawgs!

- Ryan