Who writes this stuff?

Ryan Scates is a corporate attorney who graduated from UGA in 2010 and UGA Law in 2013. Previous to starting the PMGN he was an intern-turned sideline reporter/photographer-turned-editor for Bulldawg Illustrated. Scates served on the UGA Athletic Association Board of Directors 2012-2013. He is regularly quoted as an authority on UGA and SEC sports and college sports business by the Wall Street Journal, the Atlanta Journnal Constitution, and other regional news and radio outlets. Today he lives in Buckhead with his wife Kiel, their son Andy, and their dog Waffles.







Will you sell my email address?

The PMGN will never sell your email address.


I did not go to UGA...can i still be a poor man?

Absolutely! As Lewis Grzzard said, college football "is more than just a game, it's our way of life against theirs." The PMGN is all about celebrating the "Georgia" way of life and having fun with the little things that make each of our opposing schools different. We have many Poor Men who have no relation to UGA whatsoever, and also many more who are devout Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, etc. fans.