About the poor man's game notes

Welcome to the Poor Man's Game Notes (The PMGN)!

The PMGN started as a set of weekly emails that served as an unofficial version of the official game notes produced by the UGA Sports Information Department (UGA SID) ahead of each UGA football game.

They are called the Poor Man's Game Notes due to the fact that they are irreverent, incomplete, often include typos, and are blatant rip-off of the outstanding work of the professionals at the UGA Sports Information Department. It is my great honor that we now include many members of the UGA SID among our community of "Poor Men".

For 2017, we are expanding The PMGN  beyond email inboxes and to our own website. This site will hold an archive of the Notes and also host linked material from each week's Notes.

The Notes are emailed to Poor Men each Wednesday before meaningful UGA Football games. To subscribe, click the "SUBSCRIBE" button at the top of this page.
The best part of compiling the PMGN is the interaction I have with the fellow "Poor Men/Women" on the email list. Funny/crass emails among college football fans are one of the best parts of the football season, so please do not ever hesitate to email me if you see something worth commenting, (or if you think my smart-ass remarks have earned me some humble pie).

My email is Ryan@ThePMGN.com

DISCLOSUREThe Poor Man's Game Notes is in no way affiliated with the University of Georgia or the University of Georgia Athletic Department. However, the owner of the PMGN is an unabashed supporter of all things UGA and is a donor to the Athletic Department and the University Foundation. All content on ThePMGN.com is created with the ultimate goal of promoting the best interests of those who are invested in the University of Georgia.